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Annual Meeting

MacGregor Downs Homeowners Association

Annual Meeting Agenda

Lakeside Dining Room, MacGregor Downs Country Club

Thursday, September 13th, 2018

HURRICANE UPDATE – Now Scheduled for Thursday, October 4th, 2018

5:30 PM

Board Members:

  1. Call to order at 7:02pm
    1. Robin addressed questions received previous to the meeting.
    2. Russ Curtis and Cricket Russell from Macgregor Downs Country Club welcomed the HOA.
    3. Kristi Guilfoyle, Macgregor resident & AECOM Engineer employee, presented the street resurfacing plan for the neighborhood. Maps were provided by Town of Cary detailing which streets have resurfacing planned.
  2. Sheri Fincher of RS Fincher reported 77 homes represented at the meeting, 34 proxies.
  • Presentation of the minutes from the last annual meeting for approval by Dianne Chinnis
    1. Pat Sweeney motioned to approve, seconded by Scott Wishart. The 2016 meeting minutes were approved.
  1. Report from the President
    1. Robin thanked the outgoing Board Members for their time, and stated that in the current state of the HOA Covenants, they are not enforceable, unless by neighbors individually.
  2. Treasurer Report
    1. Report by Helen Monteith. Copies of the August, 31 2017 Treasurer’s Report were distributed. The 2017 Budget was $40,050, with year end spends of $36,752. The 2018 Budget is $37,000.
  3. Committee Reports:
    1. Architectural
      1. Robin provided report for James Benson. There were 23 Architectural Reviews submitted, 21 approved. Roughly 1/3 were new homes. Average approval time 2 days.
    2. Beautification and Municipal
      1. Report by Dawnette Scott. Three sidewalk projects are in process of prioritizing by Town of Cary. Gas lights are out on Glasgow, Board examining possibilities to fix. HOA to provide funds to plant flowers in median of 64 Entrance. There are restrictions to the Glasgow Bridge Beautification on Glasgow due to the dam. Board hopes to begin project of updating street signs, pending HOA dues collected.
    3. Bylaws and Covenants   
      1. Robin provided report as this position is vacant. Board hopes to update the Bylaws in the coming year as they have not been updated in almost 30 years.
    4. Grievance
      1. Report by Shelley Watson. Reminder to HOA to that Town of Cary can be called for many grievances.
    5. Membership
      1.  Report by Sheri Fincher. As of August 31, 2017 191 households have paid dues.
    6. Technology
      1. Report by Sam Watson. Website is up-to-date.
    7. Communications
      1. Report by Tracie Boddie. Encouragement to join Facebook and Nextdoor. Recommendation by HOA member to publish names of HOA members who do not pay dues. Board to consider.
  •  Election of Board

Sheri Fincher announced there are 5 open positions on the 2017-2018 board. James Benson, Sam Watson and Wallace Harrington have already volunteered. Beth Ann Perry and John Reynolds volunteered to join. Gene Firestien motioned to approve 5 open positions, seconded by Kari Weatherall. The 5 open positions were approved. Kari Weatherall motioned to approve 2017-2018, seconded by Don Finklier.  Robin stated that Committee Chairs would be appointed by the Board at the next HOA meeting.

  • 2017-18 Incoming President, Scott Lassiter
  1. Old Business Old business included the lake issue. HOA is not involved with this issue.  Peter Nunula with Concert Golf is the club contact.
  2. New Business
    1. Scott discusses his goals for this year. Focusing on collecting more HOA dues so projects can be funded.
  3. Q&A  General questions were asked and answered by members of the Board and HOA.
  • Adjournment
    1. Motion to adjourn the meeting by Helen Monteith, seconded by Wendy Luihn. Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.