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Annual Meeting

MacGregor Downs Homeowners Association

Annual Meeting Agenda

Lakeside Dining Room, MacGregor Downs Country Club

Septembter 11th, 2019

Board Members:

*Present at Meeting

    • Call to Order
      1. Call to order at 6:50p at Macgregor Downs Country Club.
    • Invocation
    • Presentation of Colors- Cary High School JR Naval ROTC
    • Pledge of Allegiance 
      • . Jim Kilpatrick, Airforce fighter Captain served in Vietnam War led the Pledge of Allegiance
    • Recognition of Veterans/Active Duty Military and 1st Responders
    • Moment of Silence to honor victims of September 11th, 2001 Terror Attacks
    • Roll Call of Directors and Verification of Quorum
      • . Introduction of Terri Fincher and Tammy Wooten from RS Fincher
    1. 5 of 7 Board Members in attendance, quorum is met
    2. Total in attendance 109 homeowners, 67 proxies received
    • Approval of 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes
      • . Ron York approved, Dennis Paren seconded. All in attendance approved.
    • President’s Report/Past Year Accomplishments
      • . Scott thanked those that are in good standing paying their annual dues
    1. Bridge beautification project complete
    2. Renegotiated landscaping contract, updated plantings at entrances
    3. Electrical repairs
    4. Power washing of monuments and entrance fences and curbs
    5. Audit completed as required by North Carolina General Statue
    • Treasurer’s Report
      • . 2018-19 FY Final Financial Report
        • 631 homes billed, 431 paid (76%). Great strides over years. Already at 41 for prepaid dues for 2019/2020.
    1. Committee Reports
    1. Bylaws and Covenants
      • No update.
    2. Architectural
      • .Report from James Benson, Architectural Committee Chair. This year’s submissions: 13 approvals- 4 new houses/additions, 2 fences, 2 detached sheds/garages, 2 porches, 2 landscape plans.
      • New this year- homeowners must have neighbor signatures acknowledging changes/additions.
      1. Beautification and Municipal
    • Scott reported. Current sidewalk petitions: Glasgow to Macgregor Downs Country Club- approved project, waiting for funding from TOC
    1. Grievance
      • .No report.
    2. Communication
      • .Scott reported. Newsletters sent out 2x/year.
    3. Technology
      • .Sam Watson reported. Information getting out via Facebook, Nextdoor, HOA website and regular mail.
    1. Old Business
    1. Review of Neighborhood Crime Stats/Cary Police Presentation
      • Sargent Randy Bird reported the positive stats of Macgregor Downs.
    1. New Business
    1. Neighborhood Priority Survey
      • Request from Scott for neighbors in attendance to complete the survey indicating what they’d like to see HOA monies go towards this upcoming year.
    2. Nomination/Election of Directors
      • .Already volunteered: Scott Lassiter, Beth Perry
      • Volunteer of Ron York
      • Volunteer of Burn Bullard
          1. Motion by Pat Sweeney; John Kelsey seconded to accept all 4 candidates as new Board members by acclimation.
    1. Public Comment
    1. Hal Bowman promoting Macgregor Life Magazine upcoming event
    2. Complaint regarding the leaf bags and their placement
    3. Mike Franklin update on local snakes and ticks in NC.
    4. Request for update of Highway 64 roadwork
      • Scott responded- he’s been invited to TOC meetings, there will be changes to the Macgregor Downs entrance at 64, adding an additional lane. Suggestion by neighbor to add link to HOA site
    1. Adjournment 
    1. Adjourned at 8pm