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Annual Meeting

MacGregor Downs Homeowners Association

Annual Meeting Agenda

Lakeside Dining Room, MacGregor Downs Country Club

October 6th, 2021

Board Members:

*Present at Meeting

I        Call to Order

II       Roll Call

Scott Lassiter, Ron York, James Benson, Shari McClandish, Bern Bullard, Helen Monteith, Robin Jones (facetime) and Tammy Wooten from RS Fincher were in attendance.

III   President’s Report:

Scott set up the meeting dates for the 2021-2022, meetings to be held on the 1st Wednesday of every month with the exception of July and Dec no meetings will be held.  September is the annual meeting and that is held on second Wednesday of the month.

Scott introduced Bruce Howell the new board member.

III. Public Comment

A member expressed concern over a neighborhood home’s wood fence and wanted HOA support to address the fence. Scott Lassister shared that the HOA has no authority to sue (based on the covenants) but homeowners do. The Architectural committee will draft a letter to the homeowner to share concerns presented.

IV. Treasurer’s Report

Provided by Helen Monteith  and reviewed by board members. At this time 54% have paid.

V. Committee Reports

  • Architectural
    • James wrote letter to 101 Dunedin Tammy to mail out 10/14/2021
  • Beautification and Municipal
    • Board agreed to $100.00 for Flag dedication and $300.00 to replace Christmas lights
  • Grievance
    • None
  • Communication
    • Tammy to mail fall newsletter out with notice to everyone who hasn’t paid.
  • Technology
    • None

VI   New Business

    1. Elected new board members

President – Scott Lassiter
Vice President – Robin Jones
Treasurer – Helen Monteith
Architectural  Chairperson  – James Benson
Beautification / Municipal Co-Chairs – Bern Bullard
Grievance Chairperson – Ron York
Management – RS Fincher Management Company  Tammy Wooten
Technology Chairperson – Sam Watson
Communications Chairperson   – Robin Jones
Secretary   – Katie McMillan
Membership Chairperson  – Shari McCandlish

Member at Large – Bruce Howell

VII.  Adjournment at 7:00pm